“I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

Our staff is passionate and professional, All KCA teachers are certified educators, subject to BC Ministry of Education enforcement standards. They work in partnership with parents, committed to the development of each student.

Kootenay Christian Academy Staff

Preschool teachers
Michelle McKinnon @
Lydy Walker @

Kindergarten teacher
Kelly Carter @

Grade 1 teacher
Joelle Parsons @

Grade 2 teacher
Tammy Bain @

Grade 3 teachers
Leah Bettcher @

Grade 4 teacher
Kaitlyn Zurrin @

Grade 5 teacher
David Zimmer @

Grade Six Teacher
Morgan Pelletier @

Middle School teachers 7/8/9
Colleen Morrison @
Doug Steel @
Leni Hogg @
Madeline Pelletier@

High School teachers 10
David Zimmer @
Colleen Morrison @
Doug Steel @
Madame Reimer @
Leah Bettcher @

Wendy Zurrin @

Vice Principal
Doug Steel @

Office Manager
Laura Cutler @

Office Assistant
Selina Burnham@

Public Relations
Sue Spyksma @

Student Service Coordinator
Liz Mansfield @
Cathy Kennedy @
Christa Farmer-Shave @

Sue Spyksma @
Selina Burnham @

Kindergarten to Grade 4
Madame Madeline Pelletier @

Grade 5 to Grade 10
Madame Reimer @

Kindergarten to Grade 5
Sharon Dueck @

Grade 6 to Grade 7
Sharon Dueck @

Education Assistants
Davianna Haslam
Sherri Lord
Roz Johnson
Kailee Peters
Stacey Spyksma
Sarah Searle
Pamela Reutgen
Jay McBurney