April 13th Update

Good morning, KCA families!

Well – we have one week of at home learning under our belts and we are about to head into our second week!
Next week I am going to send out a Fun Friday “challenge”.
Keep teachers posted on how things are going at home. Let us know if technology is working, work loads are manageable and students are feeling connected.(or not) I remind everyone of my two pandemic mottos – “DO what you can, and CAN what you can’t” and “Be Gentle with yourself and Generous to others”. We will all settle into a routine and it will look different for different families. Please reach out and let us know if we can help in ANY way.

The school office is now closed as we are working from home now. But I am always checking my email and Laura will be checking the phone messages often.

Attached is this week’s KCA Daily Devotional. I hope you are able to enjoy these moments as a family. Thank you for the pics and videos of students worshipping last week – warmed my heart. Keep them coming! Post on this page, for everyone to see!

Praying for an amazing week – looks like the warmer weather may be on its way.